Capital Sciences

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Software Engineering

Capital Sciences’ software engineering team designs, develops, deploys, and maintains a range of systems, applications, and tools to support our clients’ missions. Our products include dashboards, displays, data processing and analysis applications, and test tools. Our approach is to select the technology, process, and environment that best fits the client’s needs and budget, leveraging appropriate Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components, libraries, platforms, and languages. 

Immersive analysis with a whole system point of view

Systems Engineering

Capital Sciences’ systems engineering team provides support to analyze systems, specifications, and processes to help our clients achieve their goals. Designing with the end in mind, our support includes generation of CONOPS and requirements, test definition and execution, and release support. We work hand-in-hand with the software team to make sure systems developed align with the requirements. Our support includes systems certification, regulatory compliance, data analysis, and trade studies. 

Success through advanced planning and real-time troubleshooting


Capital Sciences’ implementation support is the practical combination of our software and engineering work in the field. We help our clients prepare and execute activities on the ground ranging from installation to test events to deployment checkouts. Through close coordination with the project team, we carefully plan what equipment is needed, the schedule, and resources required, including backups or alternatives. Our experience in the field is invaluable to informing our approaches for software and systems engineering as we progress.